The all-in-one design solution to scale your business saving you time & money
Your go-to solution for all of your design needs saving you money on hiring a designer. Saving you time through simplified communication, no extra meetings to make you crazy, unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, and you can pause or cancel at anytime! Sounds like a dream? Us too. So, let's dream together!
✔️ Excellent design with speedy turnaround
✔️ PowerUps to accelerate your business
✔️ Monthly flat fee for predictable costs
We help your business grow
From social media to sales campaigns. We help you amplify your brand through custom designs just for you.
Unlimited Requests
Feel free to fill your design board with anything and everything you might need!
Simple Subscription
We love simple so we can focus more on what really matters.
Speedy Turnaround
Get your designs delivered in an average of 48 hours Monday through Friday.
Fixed Monthly Rate
Easy, predictable cost month after month saving you time and money.
100% Satisfaction
Someone once said you can't get satisfaction. We disagree. Unlimited revisions until you are loving it!
Flexible & Scalable
You're in control. Pause or cancel to match your business needs.
We're a small, streamlined design solution based in the midwest.
We've been there. From busineses and start-ups to non-profits. We've riden the wave of creative solutions. We've been tossed by the waves and we've riden some pretty epic swells. That's why we wanted to bring 6 String Creative to the market.
Our desire is to support you and save you money in hiring and time in meetings. We harness years of experience to bring you creative solutions quickly and excellently.
What kind of projects can I request as a Design Premium Member?
Great question! Really, the sky is the limit! From a business card to a SWAG store, if you can dream it...we can design it!
Social Media Graphics
Websites & Landing Pages
Sales Funnels & Email Campaigns
Logo & Branding Guides
SWAG Design & POD store
Social Media Management *requires power up
Presentations & Pitch Decks
Digital Signage
Stationary & Business Cards
Direct Mail Campaigns
Print Ads
Yard Signs & Banners
Podcasts, Video, & Music *requires power up
Plans & Pricing
The whole enchilada

Graphic Design Membership

Subscribe today and get your first design in 48 hours! You'll get a personalized link to your design board and you can put your first design request in immediately.
Choose Premium or Pro based on how many projects you want to work on at the same time. Unlimited requests on everything in the list above!
Need a PowerUp? We've got you covered. From managing your social media accounts to producing your podcast, we'll take your creative needs to the next level!
Don't can pause or cancel at anytime. Run out of projects? Just pause your account and we'll bank your unused time for when you need us again!
Premium ✨
1 design request at a time
  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Average 48 hour delivery
  • Unlimited brands & users
  • Easy credit card payment
  • Pause or cancel anytime
Premium +PowerUp 💥
1 design request at a time
  • Everything in Premium
  • Select a Power Up each month, keep it the same or change it up!
  • Choose from: Podcasts, video, music, or social media scheduling!
Pro ✨
2 design requests at a time
  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Average 48 hour delivery
  • Unlimited brands & users
  • Easy credit card payment
  • Pause or cancel anytime
Pro +PowerUp 💥
2 design requests at a time
  • Everything in Pro
  • Choose a Power Up each month, keep it the same or change it up!
  • Choose from: Podcasts, video, music, or social media scheduling!
Some of our latest work
Happy clients...happy life!
Rebranding & Website
We helped an existing company take their brand to the next level through a new name, new look, and new landing page for their business!
Social Media from the ground up
A brand new non-profit needed to get the word out. We hit the digital streets of social media to announce the news and build a following.
Website & Social Media Success
This brand had been around a few years but needed a landing page and consistent social media presence. They grabed 4 jobs in the first 2 weeks!
Success from day 1!
Within the first few days of launch, a brand new business had 1,000's of impressions on social media and their new business landing page securing a client that first week.
How do I request designs?
We try and make that as simple as possible for you. No more long forms that you have to fill out or long video calls to try and discover your idea. We'll connect you to our design management software and you can send us a design request in whatever format you want. Want to record a video while standing on your head on a tight rope? Go for it. Want to sketch it on a napkin during lunch at Qdoba? You got it.
How do I prioritize designs that I need?
It's simple to prioritze your design requests. Click and drag is all it takes to reorganize your projects in the software. Plus, if we're in the middle of a large project like a redesign on your website and you realize you need a trade show banner designed real quick, we can fit that in and pick up where we left off on the other project easy enough!
Is there a limit to the number of designs in a month?
You can add as many design requests as you want to the queue in your design board and we'll deliver them one-by-one. Or two at a time if you are a Pro subscriber.
What if I don't like the design?
That's ok. It won't hurt our feelings. We'll revise or start over until you are 100% satisfied.
How do revisions work?
We will post a first draft in our design management software. You can go in, take a look, and give us any feedback that you want. We'll get to work on the revision and not stop until you love it.
How fast is the turn around?
We try and get things to you as fast as possible Monday through Friday. The avererage is 48 hours but that can vary sometimes based on the complexity of the request. We've got families and strive for a balanced work & home life. We know you do too, so we will help you move forward as quick as we can.
I can cancel at any time?
Sure thing. Just give us a notice 48 hours before your next month and we'll cancel any time. (or you can just pause your subscription!)
What do you mean that I can pause my subscription?
Basically, if you sign up on the 1st of the month and later on you find that you just don't quite have enough design requests, you can pause your subscription to pick up later. So, if you pause on the 21st of the month, we'll hold onto those last few days of the month for when you have requests and are ready to begin.
Does pausing work automatically if I don't have something in the queue?
No, that's going to be up to you to either submit your next request or send us a message that you need to pause beginning the date of the notice.
How does this save me money?
At way less than half of what it would cost to hire a designer, we help fill a void in your business quickly and economically. You can't pause or cancel anytime when you hire. We're happy to work when you need us most.
How is this better than hiring a specialist?
We are an experienced team of professionals with different specializations. When you hire just one person, many projects are hard to fit into the skillset of the individual. With 6 String Creative, it's like getting an entire design department for less than half the cost of one hire.
How does this save me time?
We don't like long meetings or awkward video calls either. So in our design management software, you can view and send messages on your time. We don't have to wait for openings in calendars. Just type, dictate, or video a message. We focus on what matters most. Getting you what you need quickly.
Who does the designing?
We're a pretty lean machine when it comes to this. Our founder, Jason and our COO, Stephanie will do the bulk of the work. In addition, we've got a couple friends around town that help us with some of the projects too as needed.